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MauriTravel LTD has been providing the best travel services since 2016 , creating customized experiences for clients from around the world. We don’t just make plans, we help you build memories that last a lifetime. Browse our offerings and exclusive destinations today.


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  • 1 hr

    40 euros
  • In this tour, you will explore the wild side of the South-West of Maur...

    8 hr

    85 euros
  • Discover the serenity of the South East of Mauritius, an area known fo...

    8 hr

    85 euros

  • 8 hr

    85 euros
  • See the best of northern Mauritius on this sightseeing tour

    8 hr

    85 euros
  • A chance to see 5 different island in the east coast of Mauritius

    8 hr

    85 euros


Ferguson St, Beau Bassin-Rose Hill, Mauritius


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